Charley Crockett at House of Blues (12/15/22)

By: Joseph Espinoza

Charley Crockett’s Man from Waco tour came through to Houston at the House of Blues. It was a sold out packed house. Charley and the Blue Drifters came in roaring with a new production and new sound. Sulked in an R&B flavor with traditional country sounds, his music is genre-blending at its finest. It’s a real Texas blend in the music that is coming out of this band from Austin. 

They played hit songs from his new album like I’m Just a Clown as well as older hits like Jamestown Ferry. Also coming in with more Texas blues like his cover of Travelin’ Blues by T-Bone Walker or going into country heroes like George Jones’ Between My House And Town

Charley and the band are phenomenal performers and showmen alike. Creating a beautiful environment for music lovers and a distinct dynamic group of people coming out to his shows. Coming out of the show it made me want to go to a few more. The energy was electrifying and cannot be matched.