In A Dream EP by Troye Sivan

By: Marti Mendoza

A couple years after his second studio album, Troye Sivan released his EP called In A Dream on August 21st. Composed of six songs, the EP is filled with pop, chill EDM, and synthpop vibes.

Starting off with the lead single is “Take Yourself Home.” Sivan says on his Geniusvideo that this one hits closer now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He wrote this at a time where he was in his feelings and the lyrics all relate to being in a relationship; however, it could also be looked at as related to the times the world is in now.

He said lyrics such as “There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some honesty” could be put into the perspective of how the pandemic is being handled by different countries. Also, “And how it got this dark is just beyond to me. If anyone can hear me switch the lights.” Everyone has their own way to find their light, especially in these times. For a lot of people, including Sivan, he enjoys taking his dog for a walk or calling up family.

The next song is “Easy,” which was the second single released from the EP. This song has a chill pop vibe that I see as a standout track. Just as with all the songs in the EP, Sivan had a part in writing all of them. The lyrics in this one are emotional and are about going through a rough patch in a relationship and in hopes of the other person not leaving them.

Slowing down the tempo and with a short 52 second song, “could cry just thinking about you” has Sivan broken over a relationship and everything just reminding him of that person.

After that is “STUD,” which starts off slow and chill, but then the beat drops halfway through and turns into a more EDM type song. This one could be seen as a song just about a fun night and not a long term relationship between Sivan and the other person. The lyrics make it seem that Sivan just wants to be appreciated physically and for them to not take it any deeper than that.

The third single off the EP is “Rager teenager!” This is another standout song from the EP. With more chill pop vibes, this is a feel good song about sometimes just wanting to go wild and having a crazy night. The track ends with some synth sounds and instrumentals.

Lastly is the title track of the EP, “IN A DREAM.” The tempo picks back up in this catchy and more energetic song. This song is a bop, and I can see this being the next single. The song talks about something anyone that’s gone through a relationship can relate to.

Sivan tries to not think about the other person and is going through a confused phase such as in lyrics, “I think about it. Can’t think about it,” “Can you come back? Wait, I don’t mean that, no,” and “And there’s only so much I can give. I won’t let you in again. That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever said, you know.” To add to the confusion, the other person still happens to show up in his dreams, making everything even harder.

Overall, Troye Sivan definitely didn’t disappoint with this EP. All the songs were produced great and sounded awesome.

Always looking forward to new music from him, and hopefully a full album will be coming soon! Make sure to take a listen!