Beyond the Scene + Behind the Screen with BTS

By: Adrienne Rodriguez

No one could imagine what the year 2020 had in store for us, and we had no thought about a global pandemic that lead to self quarantine and the economy faltering. This didn’t just change the world around us, but also the music community. Highly anticipated shows and festivals were either shut down, postponed, and the worst of all, cancelled. 

Safety first, but that didn’t stop artists from giving the people what they want. Live-streams have become the new shows, and social media platforms have become the new venues. 

To say the least, a show I was looking forward to the most was BTS: MAP OF THE SOUL 7 in Dallas, Texas on May 9, 2020. Yes, the Korean boy band that took over the world and my heart. They were just about to hit the road for their world tour, but sadly COVID-19 took the stage first. 

Having the tour postponed weaken most spirits, but with great power comes great responsibility, and BTS did not disappoint. They surprised their fans with an ongoing stream of their past tours, with hours and hours of footage, and they called it: BANG BANG CON. Broadcasted on YouTube, over 50 million fans tuned in worldwide, different time zones, but yet we felt connected with one another, and that’s what BTS is about. Singing and dancing along to your favorite songs, I couldn’t help but feel in a different world, and in that moment in time I forgot about the dark state the world was currently in.

Check out the 2-hour BTS extravaganza below!