Electric Guest at White Oak Music Hall on 2/1/20

By: Jesus Verastegui

Electric Guest brings the flames Saturday night at White Oak Music Hall to an animated crowd. Asa Taccone (lead singer) and the full band backing his vocals put on a fantastic show, mixing elements of Indie pop/rock in such a way that would keep anyone from standing still. Flowers, shirts, and even money was thrown into the audience as people danced and sang along to their favorite songs.

The Danish band “Soleima” warmed up the crowd that evening with their awesome reggae/indie rock style to kick off the show. After leaving the crowd cheering for more, the openers closed off their performance with a preview of some of their new and upcoming music. Not too long after the stage fell silent, the crowd bursted into excitement as the four band members of “Electric Guest” came walking onto the stage.

Electric Guest welcomed the crowd as they grabbed their instruments and proceeded to play songs from their new album “KIN” which had just been recently released in late 2019. The evening was packed with sunny melodies and candied lyrics, alongside an electric energy from the ecstatic audience. Although most of the bands songs were happy and upbeat, the lead singer “Asa” spoke to his fans on a deeper level after performing the song “Dollar”. Asa addressed the crowd about depression, and the difficulties of dealing with adult life. He assured his fans that regardless of what the situation was, we had each other to make things better. Nevertheless the night remained full of fun and surprises. At one moment Asa brought out a T-shirt canon which launched not one, but two shirts into the closed off section of the second floor. A couple of songs later, Electric Guest once again surprised the crowd with roses leaving fans screaming for a chance of being hand deliver a rose from the bands lead singer.

After a melodious hour long performance, the band walked off the stage knowing that the audience would be cheering for more and immediately hopped back on to close off the night with two last songs. Fans were left with a feeling of joyful satisfaction as the band walked off stage for the last time and the venue’s lights turned back on. Electric Guest put on an amazing show filled with surprises, and performances of all the old/new music we’ve come to know from this band. Apart from surprising us with gifts, and heart-felt messages, Electric Guest’s spectacular energy was what really made the night special for Houston.