Noah Kahan at White Oak Music Hall on 9/20/19

By: Marti Mendoza

On September 20, Noah Kahan took the stage at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX. Opening up for him was The Brook & The Bluff. They are an up and coming indie band from Birmingham, AL. They captivated the audience with their vocal harmonies and great sound. The crowd was grooving along to their smooth tunes. Singing some of their own hits such as “Are You Lonesome?” and “Halfway Up” and even a cover of singer Sade. I am sure they will continue to grow in the near future and gain greater success with their music.

Up next was the main act of folk-pop singer-songwriter Noah Kahan. The crowd roared as the lights went off awaiting for Kahan to come on stage. His band starts it off as Kahan comes out singing his hits. Some of the stand outs from the night were “False Confidence,” “Cynic,” and his single that usually features pop artist Julia Michaels, “Hurt Somebody.” In between some songs, Kahan introduces the track with a backstory of where the song came about. He is very grateful on the continued support from his fans to get him to where he is now. There is no greater feeling than hearing a crowd sing back your songs to you. Also, he reminisced about how the last time he was in Houston, he played for a much smaller audience.

Kahan continues to sing more songs from his album Busyhead that was just released early this year in June. He sings other singles from the record such as “Sink” and “Mess.” Kahan exits the stage before his encore as the audience cheers and applauds for more. He sings a couple more songs including his first ever single “Young Blood” as the finale. Kahan puts on a great show with his superb and unique vocals. He will no doubt play to even larger crowds next time he comes along to Houston.

The Busyhead Tour is just starting, so catch a show when they come to a city near you!