The Head and The Heart at White Oak Music Hall on 7/13/19

By: Marti Mendoza

The Head and the Heart has been on repeat for me leading up to this concert. Their newly released album and tour name, Living Mirage, has been at the top of my playlists. On July 13, the indie-folk band took the stage at White Oak Music Hall in Houston. Opening up for them was indie-rock band Hippo Campus. They performed a setlist filled with their hits such as “Bambi,” “South” and crowd favorite, “Way It Goes.” Closing the set off with “Buttercup.”

As the crowd was filling in the lawn and awaiting for the main act, the sun was slowly setting in a humid night out in Houston. Thankfully, the rain stopped right as the gates were opening and didn’t come through the night. Finally, The Head and the Heart comes out starting the crowd off with title track “Living Mirage” followed by current #1 single “Missed Connection.”

Lead singers Jonathan Russell and Charity Thielen were flawless throughout the night singing their hits from previous albums and the current one such as “All We Ever Knew,” “Let’s Be Still,” “Lost in My Mind,” “Honeybee” and much more. Hearing the harmonies and acoustics in the live performance of “Winter Song” was amazing! The crowd was great throughout the night as everyone was singing and dancing along and enjoying themselves. The whole lawn was packed with people standing shoulder to shoulder to each other.

Closing the set off before the encore with “Down in the Valley” was a perfect sing-along with the happy crowd. After a few minutes of cheers and applause to call the band back, The Head and the Heart comes out with a few more hits to finish off a perfect night. The long-awaited “Rivers and Roads” capped off their great setlist.

The Head and the Heart is just getting started on their Living Mirage Tour, so don’t miss out when they come to a city near you!